ERP for garment, footwear, textile industries in VietNam

If you have questions regarding potential ERP solutions or implementing an effective new management system for the garment industry, please contact us for more information of our solution “Vietsoft ERP for Garment”


ERP for garment, footwear, textile industries in VietNam

1. The situation of the garment industry in Vietnam in 2020-2021

Vietnam has emerged as one of the leading textiles exporting countries worldwide in recent years. Garment and textile products were among its major commodities based on export turnover in 2020. As Vietnam reduced its reliance on agriculture, the manufacturing sector has become an important pillar in its modern economy. Next to apparel export demands, the domestic consumer spending on clothing and footwear has been growing fast, thanks to the improving living standards of Vietnamese.


But besides that, The apparel manufacturing sector of Vietnam has been among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The suspension of production in China created a raw material shortage for many Vietnamese producers in 2020. Moreover, several main import markets of textiles and garments went through a crash in demand, leading to order cancellations. This resulted in revenue loss among major textile firms in Vietnam. Textile and garment exports from Vietnam recorded the first negative growth in 25 years in 2020.  However, there are promising signs for this industry. In the same year, Vietnam signed two important trade agreements: the European Union Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which were expected to open more opportunities for this sector in the coming years.


2. How to optimize the operation of garment enterprises in the current period?

In that context, if textile enterprises only apply standard software solutions in business management, they will not completely solve these problems, even though they have worked well when applied in other industries. other industrial fields.


As a leader in ERP software solutions for the apparel, textile and footwear industry in Vietnam, Vietsoft has been working for over 20 years to help our clients solve the challenges inherent in the apparel, textile and footwear industry. Our ERP for garment solution does this based on specially designed modules that help garment companies comprehensively manage the following: multi-company accounting, merchandising processes , timekeeping modes, complex salary calculation, production productivity management, order management, inventory and EDI…


All solution modules are fully integrated with streamlined processes. In addition, each module allows access to relevant information in real time through a customizable operating menu. With the real-time data the solution provides, businesses can make better governance decisions based on the latest information from the present – not the past.


3. Enterprise Resource Planning solutions – ERP for the Garment, apparel, textile and footwear industry

For many years, textile enterprises have always tried to do what they consider “most effective” to improve the efficiency of their business operations. For example, they used accounting solutions such as Misa or Microsoft office software in daily management tasks. The job is always done, so the process is repeated over and over again. The problem is that, as systems continue as they always have, they won’t be developed and improved to be more productive.


In contrast, an ERP system gives businesses the impression of a large, expensive and risky solution. In fact, there have been many cases where businesses have encountered failures and costly implementations. However, if the implementation is not successful, it just means that the ERP solution you choose is not provided by the most knowledgeable vendors in your business. Therefore, the solution they offer will not meet the expectations nor solve the problems in the industry that you are facing.


Conversely, if you choose an ERP solution specifically designed for the clothing industry, your business can save considerable time and money. Vietsoft understands the challenges unique to the apparel industry. For example:  The management of clothing inventory can create additional issues and a single style can have countless colors and sizes that all need to be tracked individually or at the style level.  From there, the solution we provide will help your business optimize every management process and can lead to impressive, measurable ROI includes:


  • Provides the right information to the right people at the right time anywhere in the world, enabling you to improve productivity, enhance decision making and promote communication between coworkers, customers and vendors
  • Reduces or eliminates duplicate work, and automates operational tasks and provide easy access to information.
  • Helps business process flow more smoothly and improves the efficiency of fulfillment process. It leads to reduced invntory. Eventually, it decreases the overall business cost.
  • Integrates payroll, benefits, performance reviews, applicant tracking system, and employee self-service all in one.
  • Reduces administrative work and refocuses on your business’s resources.
  • Fosters stronger, fact-based decisions with better analytics.
  • Ensures compliance and helps avoid risk with government regulations and reporting.

If you have questions regarding potential ERP solutions or implementing an effective new management system for the garment industry, please contact us for more information of our solution “Vietsoft ERP for Garment