SCM for Garment

Your Garment Company has high inventory, fabric leftover keeps significant part of your profit that cannot be realized in cash. At the same time, your merchandisers mistake frequently, causing material shortage, low productivity and late delivery.


Congratulation, you are in the right place, solution you are finding is here.

Vietsoft ERP for Garment is software dedicate for Garment and Footwear Industries with specific matrix BOM. Major modules – functions are:

  • Item Management with multi-color and multi-size matrix BOM.
  • Sale Management.
  • Purchasing Management with MRP.
  • Inventory Management with batches and packages (fabric rolls, garment cartons).
  • Warehouse Management with barcode scanner /PDA/Handheld device/Industrial Tablet.
  • Embroidery, Printing and Washing Outsourcing Control.
  • Packing List Auto creation based on the packing method definition.
  • Integration with SAP Business One.


Software is dedicated for Garment and Footwear companies.

a. Very easy to use

Garment MRP is very complicated. You want to have software to simplify the life, right? 

The solution is very simple to use with many importing functions from Excel file to input data to database.

·        Matrix BOM, the most complicated thing can be generated within minutes by Wizard function.

·        Purchase Orders is created with help of MRP (Material Requirement Planning) function.

·        Material issue, Material Balancing, Material Settlement is automatically generated.


b. Best after sale service

You want to have very quick and conscientious after sale service, right?

After sale service is warranty for your system. You may need support from provider because of new users, new template, data check… or problem with hardware and network.

We are the FIRST software company embeds support tool into the software. You can send support request to us directly from the software interface. The request right way will be sent to person in charge in our company to help you within minutes. You also can rate the service, like when you using Grab service.

To assist your new users, video e-learning also is embedded in the software.


c. Most tasks of merchandizer are automated

Your merchandizer jus input master data, all calculation, report making is carried out by software automatically.

Thanks the software you can cut down at least half of manpower time for merchandizing tasks, especially the tasks are done without mistakes. 


d. Inventory data is transparency

Inventory data is available for merchandizers to consume the current inventory before placing orders for materials. This will help you to get your profit in cash, but not in fabric leftover.

By controlling inventory, you can plan your production accordingly, avoiding material shortage, that cause your low productivity in your shop floor.

You can find software functions in details in our brochure