Is your garment company struggling with high inventory levels, leftover fabrics tying up profits, and frequent sales errors leading to material shortages, low productivity, and delayed deliveries? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The solution you need is here.


1. What is SCM for Garment?

The SCM for Garment (Supply Chain Management) software developed by Vietsoft is a specialized system designed to manage processes related to the production, transportation, storage, and distribution of products in the garment industry.

This software helps optimize operations by providing features that allow businesses to proactively monitor and manage processes from ordering raw materials to successfully delivering finished products to customers. Features include production scheduling, inventory management, demand forecasting, transportation management, and production activity tracking.

The goal of SCM for Garment is to enhance performance, minimize waste, and increase the competitiveness of businesses in an increasingly complex and competitive market.


2. Key Modules of SCM for Garment

  • Item Management: Manage items with multi-color and multi-size BOM matrix.
  • Sales Management: Efficiently handle sales processes and orders.
  • Purchasing Management with MRP: Plan and manage material requirements and procurement.
  • Production Management: Oversee and control the entire production process.
  • Raw Material Inventory Management: Keep track of raw materials.
  • Inventory Management by Lot/Batch: Manage inventory by fabric rolls or garment cartons.
  • Warehouse Management: Use barcode scanners, PDAs, handheld devices, or industrial tablets for efficient warehouse management.
  • Outsourcing Control: Manage embroidery, printing, and washing processes.
  • Automated Packing Lists: Automatically generate packing lists based on predefined packing methods.

3. Why Choose SCM for Garment?

a. Ease of Use

The SCM for Garment solution simplifies the complex task of managing garment production. It features automatic data entry from Excel files, making it easy to use.

The software’s Wizard function allows for the quick creation of complex BOM matrices, essential for tracking and planning production materials for each order. Material purchase orders can be automatically generated using the MRP functions within the purchasing module, optimizing material tracking and planning.

b. Automation for Merchandisers

Merchandisers only need to enter key data, with all calculations and reporting handled automatically by the software. SCM for Garment can cut administrative time in half for managing garment orders while ensuring high accuracy and eliminating potential errors.

c. Transparent Inventory Data

Inventory data is updated in real-time, enabling tight control over stock levels and accurate production planning. This transparency allows businesses to utilize existing inventory before ordering new materials, freeing up profits previously tied up in excess inventory.

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