SCM for Garment Software


Your Garment Company has high inventory, fabric leftover keeps significant part of your profit that cannot be realized in cash. At the same time, your merchandisers mistake frequently, causing material shortage, low productivity and late delivery.

Congratulation, you are in the right place, solution you are find

1. Concept of SCM for Garment Software


SCM for Garment (Supply Chain Management – SCM) software developed by Vietsoft is a specialized system designed to manage processes related to manufacturing, transportation, storage, and distribution of products within the garment industry.


SCM software in the garment industry optimizes operations by providing features that enable businesses to proactively monitor and manage processes from raw material ordering to successful product delivery to customers. These features include production schedule management, inventory management, demand forecasting, transportation management, and production activity tracking.


The goal of SCM software in the garment industry is to enhance efficiency, minimize waste, and strengthen the competitiveness of businesses in an increasingly competitive and complex business environment.


2. Modules of SCM for Garment – Supply Chain Management Software

Vietsoft ERP for Garment is software dedicate for Garment and Footwear Industries with specific matrix BOM. Major modules – functions are:

  • Item Management with multi-color and multi-size matrix BOM.
  • Sale Management.
  • Purchasing Management with MRP.
  • Production management
  • Inventory Management with batches and packages (fabric rolls, garment cartons).
  • Warehouse Management with barcode scanner /PDA/Handheld device/Industrial Tablet.
  • Embroidery, Printing and Washing Outsourcing Control.
  • Packing List Auto creation based on the packing method definition.


3. Why Businesses Should Choose SCM for Garment Supply Chain Management Software

a. Ease of Use

It can be said that MRP in the garment industry is highly complex. SCM for Garment solution is the key to simplify the tasks of the Merchandising department.


The SCM for Garment solution is very user-friendly with many functions to automatically import data from Excel files into the software’s database.

Building a BOM matrix, the most complex task for tracking and planning production materials for each order, can be generated within minutes using the software’s Wizard function.


Material purchase orders can be quickly and automatically generated with the available MRP functions in the purchasing module. This helps optimize tracking and planning of the necessary materials for the production process.


b. Automation of Most Merchandiser Tasks

Merchandiser staff only need to input core data; all calculations and reporting are automated by the software.


The SCM for Garment solution can help textile businesses reduce at least half of the labor time for administrative tasks to manage textile orders while ensuring high accuracy and eliminating potential errors.


c. Transparent Inventory Data

Inventory data is continuously updated in the software’s database in real-time, enabling businesses to closely monitor their inventory levels and plan production schedules with utmost accuracy.

Moreover, it enables proactive utilization of existing inventory before deciding to order new materials. This prevents businesses from getting stuck with excess finished products and stockpiled materials in the warehouse.


4. Brochure  SCM for Garment