The textile industry today is a highly advanced and complex sector facing numerous competitive challenges. The global textile market is becoming increasingly intricate, leading to shorter product lifecycles and higher demands for quick responsiveness and timely delivery from customers. As competition continues to escalate, quality control becomes a crucial and fundamental aspect that garment manufacturing companies must heavily focus on to meet customer expectations, ensure market presence, and sustain sustainable growth. Currently, many textile companies have implemented quality management initiatives to reduce costs, enhance product quality and productivity, as well as meet customer satisfaction.

1.    Concept of sewing line production control – SPC FOR GARMENT


One of the most advanced trends in the textile industry today is the implementation of quality monitoring software systems to measure product quality and record final product defects online. Vietsoft’s SPC FOR GARMENT is a multi-user quality control software solution based on a web-application platform, connected to MS SQL server. The solution provides businesses with the ability to manage garment product quality at sampling points, fixed inspection points on the production line, or at the final inspection point. Through the software, QC personnel can record and track product quality data. These data will then be processed by the software and automatically generate quality management reports, providing QC departments and management with an overview of production performance and product quality throughout their production process.


2. Value of Sewing line production control for Garment Products – SPC FOR GARMENT


Vietsoft’s SPC FOR GARMENT (Sewing line production control) software, developed on a cloud-based platform, centralizes support for quality control processes and final product defect detection through the following factors:


  • Error Elimination: Ensures quality checks are conducted accurately and visually, minimizing errors caused by human factors.
  • Accurate Statistical Data Provision: Provides dashboards for real-time analysis and monitoring of product quality, giving management a comprehensive and accurate overview of product status.
  • Elimination of Manual Paperwork: The software completely eliminates manual reporting paperwork and disparate Excel files. Instead, data is stored in the cloud, avoiding data duplication and loss.
  • Production Performance KPI Evaluation: Provides important KPI indicators such as defect rate, DHU unit defects, RFT quality index, etc.
  • Real-time Production Progress Tracking: Allows real-time monitoring of production progress and quality status of each production line on large LCD screens, enabling timely management and adjustment of production.
  • Mobile Application Integration: Provides a mobile application allowing users to perform tasks from anywhere, with the ability to capture images of defects and upload them to the system in real-time.
  • Real-time Reporting: Enables customers to view the production status of orders, data, and product status in real-time, enhancing customer trust and reliability.

3. The Role of SPC FOR GARMENT Software in Quality Control for Garment Products

The Vietsoft SPC FOR GARMENT quality control software solution plays a crucial role in the following aspects:


  •  Accurately identifying responsible garment workers for recurring deviations in the production process efficiently.
  • Reducing the number of rejected garment products, thereby meeting quantity requirements and saving costs for manufacturers.
  • Ensuring that the finished products meet customer garment requirements and are delivered in sufficient quantities.
  • Building trust and confidence among customers regarding the manufacturer’s products, potentially leading to increased sales and repeat business orders.

By streamlining the quality control process and production management through a simple interface based on digital technology, the Vietsoft SQC FOR GARMENT solution integrates real-time data collection and analysis to eliminate delivery delays, allowing for quicker data-driven decision-making, waste reduction, and improved error rates.Implementing garment quality control software like Vietsoft SQC FOR GARMENT helps businesses feel confident and build a good reputation for their clothing brands.



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