Most businessmen in the world know slogan: “BEST-RUN BUSINESSES RUN SAP” and desire to have SAP runs in their office. For SME, SAP offer SAP Business One.


SAP Business One allows us to make business decisions much more efficiently and lets us drive the company toward the goals we want to reach.


Unfortunately SAP Business One in single can not apply for Garment Industry because of its specific structure of products and materials (many colors many sizes).


SAP B1 for Garment EN


1.Introduction to SAP Business One for Garment:

SAP Business One for Garment is a specialized ERP solution developed by Vietsoft specifically for the textile and apparel industry. It encompasses features such as Sales, Merchandizing, Outsourcing, Packaging, and Warehouse Management, facilitating seamless management of goods within the textile industry. This software is integrated into SAP Business One to handle financial transactions.


This integration not only provides customers with a robust system leveraging SAP’s functionalities, clear data flows, and simplified operations, but also reduces system investment costs, as Vietsoft’s software license costs are lower compared to SAP’s.


SAP Business One for Garment is a comprehensive ERP solution tailored by Vietsoft to meet the needs of textile enterprises in the Vietnamese market. The system is designed to assist businesses in addressing management and operational challenges, as well as digitizing textile enterprises.


2.   Modules of SAP Business One for Garment: 

The software comprises the following main modules:

  • Financial Management Module: Includes features for managing advances, ledgers, costing, invoice management, financial reporting, profit and loss statements, etc.
  • Sales Management Module: Encompasses functionalities for customer management, sample management, pricing sheets, quotation sheets, sales contracts, revenue management, etc.
  • Purchasing/Outsourcing Management Module: Incorporates features for supplier management, supplier quotation management, Bill of Materials (BOM), trim card, Color Size Breakdown, material requirements, inventory issuance, purchasing, outsourcing contracts, etc.
  • Production Management Module: Offers functionalities for production planning, production progress tracking, production process management, raw material planning, production orders, etc.
  • Inventory Management Module: Includes features for inventory management, warehouse management, inventory in/out, delivery management, material allocation, etc.
  • Product Quality Management Module: Provides functionalities for managing incoming material quality (IQC), in-process quality management (PQC), and outgoing product quality (OQC).

3.    Values of SAP Business One for Garment:

SAP Business One for Garment ERP software provides the following values:


  • Facilitating Data and Information Integration Across Departments: Ensures swift and accurate information sharing, thereby enhancing comprehensive management within the enterprise.
  • Optimizing Operational Costs: Streamlines management of raw materials, production schedules, order management, and goods delivery. The system supports warehouse management and resource tracking, enabling textile businesses to optimize material usage and cost savings.
  • Efficient Financial Management: The solution offers specialized financial management and accounting tools for the textile industry, assisting businesses in accurately and effectively controlling financial situations.
  • Enhancing Management Capabilities: Enables management executives to monitor order progress, revenue, expenses, etc., promptly through devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

4.  Why Choose SAP Business One for Garment ERP Software:

SAP Business One for garment offers an integrated system for real-time inventory monitoring across various production stages. The software provides a tailored solution for the apparel industry, enabling efficient order processing, timely deliveries, productivity enhancements, improved on-site production visibility, and ultimately, enhancing company competitiveness by bolstering customer satisfaction.


With SAP Business One for garment, your company will have real-time production information across the entire enterprise, aiding in cost reduction, market expansion, and swift data processing through efficient data circulation. This solution facilitates effective inventory management, encompassing both sales and procurement processes. It supports raw material demand planning and automates production scheduling based on production capabilities.



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