Is your business tired of wasting time and manpower on manual HR management processes in the textile and apparel industry? Optimizing HR processes can bring numerous benefits to these businesses by enhancing work efficiency. One way to achieve this is by implementing a Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) solution. HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System, and it is an integrated software solution that combines various HR management functions – such as attendance tracking and payroll calculation – into a central platform.


With HRMS software, businesses can automate repetitive tasks such as onboarding new employees, tracking attendance, and processing payroll. This not only saves time and minimizes errors but also allows HR managers to focus on more strategic initiatives to improve employee satisfaction and retention.


1. Introduction to HRMS for Garment:

HRMS for Garment is the most suitable Human Resource Management Software for companies in the garment industry. Developed by Vietsoft, HRMS for Garment is a specialized HR and Payroll Management software tailored for the garment industry. The system has been trusted and utilized by over 100 Vietnamese and FDI garment enterprises to manage and control all personnel information, social insurance, attendance tracking, bonuses and salaries, subcontracting contracts, technological processes, production line balancing, layout of sewing lines, and production stages to enhance production and business efficiency for garment enterprises.


Personnel Management, Attendance Tracking, and Payroll Calculation play a crucial role in textile and leather footwear companies. By integrating all information systems regarding personnel and production, the software helps automate and accurately manage personnel information, attendance tracking, bonuses, and salaries swiftly without errors.


2. Value of HRMS for Garment Software:    

 HRMS for Garment software brings significant benefits to businesses in the textile and apparel industry. Below are the key benefits that HRMS for Garment software provides:


  • Reduce overtime hours and avoid late deliveries: HRMS for Garment software helps organize and manage employee work schedules more efficiently. This helps minimize unnecessary overtime, thereby reducing costs and increasing labor productivity. Moreover, meticulous time management also helps avoid late deliveries, enhancing customer satisfaction and maintaining the company’s reputation.
  • Balance work hours and meet customer evaluation standards: HRMS for Garment software provides effective tools for managing work hours, ensuring that employees are accurately and fairly compensated for their time. This not only helps balance work hours but also helps meet customer evaluation standards regarding quality and delivery times.
  • Leading management solution for the textile and footwear industry: With espexpertise in management, Vietsoft HRMS for Garment is recognized as a leading solution for businesses in the textile and footwear industry in Vietnam. The professionalism and flexibility of this software help businesses operate efficiently and gain a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive market.
  • Support for managing complex business processes: The textile and footwear industry involves complex business processes, from production management to personnel management and quality management. HRMS for Garment software not only helps manage personnel but also integrates features that support comprehensive management, enabling businesses to effectively cope with the complex challenges of this industry.

 3.    Why Businesses Should Choose HRMS for Garment Software:

a. Tailored for the Textile Industry:

Are you a garment factory in search of HR management software tailored to your requirements? While HRM software is widely used across industries, the reality is that the HR management needs of companies in different sectors can vary significantly. Opting for software designed specifically for a narrow industry is a way to reduce customization costs and deployment time. That’s why you should choose Vietsoft’s software if you’re in the garment industry. Our software is dynamically designed, requiring only the setup of work modes and salary calculations, swiftly adapting to your requirements. Moreover, we still accommodate specialized adjustments as per each customer’s request.


b. Product-Based Salary Calculation Needs:

Many garment companies calculate salaries or bonuses based on product output. As Vietsoft HRM software is specially designed for the garment industry, it includes functions such as Technological Process Procedures and Work Stage Sheets, optimized with various data input methods to reduce input time. Additionally, we’ve developed functions to export individual productivity data to Excel, edit, and then import them back, facilitating maximum convenience for users.


c. User-Friendly:

The logically designed data make it easy for users to understand data lines and quickly grasp and remember the software’s functions. Given the large workforce in garment factories, batch processing and automated data processing functions significantly reduce HR staff’s data processing time.


d. Good Warranty and Maintenance Services:

Vietsoft places great emphasis on warranty and maintenance services, ensuring customers operate the software safely and steadily over time. When the government updates regulations related to personnel, we update the software within the framework of warranty and maintenance services. Additionally, we embed online customer support tools into the product interface, allowing users to request support directly within the software interface.


As of the present moment, the implementation of HRMS for Garment software solution has brought about a significant change in the human resource management of many textile companies in Vietnam. With advanced features and capabilities, HRMS not only optimizes the production human resource management process but also enhances its effectiveness for businesses in the industry. From onboarding new employees and tracking attendance to managing performance and payroll processes, HRMS for Garment has become an indispensable tool for the sustainable development of textile businesses in Vietnam.



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