HRMS for Garment

You are looking for a Human Resource Management System that is stable, reliable, and easy to use with short implementation time?



Please read information of our software in bellow.

Vietsoft Human Resource Management System software has 3 major modules:

·        Human Resource Information

·        Marking Attendance

·   Payroll, combined with Dashboard to provide you complete view and information about HR situation in your company. 


The software is the best fit for Garment Companies

  • Human Resource Information
  • If you have large number of employees with complicated working regime and payroll, especially piece rate salary, the software will be the best selection for you. Our software is running in dozen of Garment and Footwear companies having thousands of employees.
  • Software does well in companies with multi-shift and multi-crew working regime.

a.    Best fit for Garment Industry

You are Garment factories and looking for HR solution, fit to your need?


HRM software is considered to be a widely applicable software that can be used across various industries, but in reality, the Human Resource Management needs of companies in different industries can be quite different.


Choosing software specifically designed for a narrow industry is a way to reduce customization costs and deployment time.


That’s why you’d better to choose Vietsoft’s HRM software if you are a garment company.


Vietsoft’s software is designed to be flexible, where you only need to declare the work regime and salary calculation method, and the software can quickly adapt to your requirements.


Furthermore, we are still open to making specialized adjustments based on the specific requests of each customer.


b. Piece rate payroll

 Many garment companies has piece rate payrol or piece rate bonus. Being specifically designed for the garment industry, Vietsoft HRM software has optimized functions for inputting Operation Breakdown and Individual output to cut down time, required for inputting data.


Furthermore, we have developed features to export individual output data to Excel, allowing users to correct data , then import it back to database. These functions create the most convenience software users.


c.    Easy to use

The database is logically designed in a reasonable and manner, enabling users to quickly understand the data rows and easily grasp and remember the software functions.

Due to the large number of employees in garment factories, batch and automated data processing functions also significantly reduce the data processing time for the HR staff.



d. Best after sale service

Vietsoft emphasize importance of warranty and maintenance services that help customers operate the software safely and reliably over the long term.


Any government regulation changes will be updated to the software as part of our warranty and maintenance service.


Additionally, we have embedded online customer support tools into our product. Users can request assistance directly within the software interface.

You can find software functions in details in our brochure