Your assets are your business’s lifeblood, but how can you tell if they are working optimally? By ensuring maximum outputs and reducing waste, you are working to preserve your competitive advantage and secure your ongoing viability into the future. 

 Vietsoft Smart Asset Management system solution will monitors and records the activity and status of an asset across its entire lifecycle. This solution. It is like the master key to unlock the meaning of your asset data, making it a workable strategic solution in the short, medium, and long term. 

 When it comes to asset management in particular, a world of benefits is waiting to be unlocked through our solution. 


 Following management modules of Asset Management are covered in our Solution: 

 Benefits of Our Solutions: 

  1. Optimised Internal Processes: The ability to monitor translates into effective management. Our Smart Assets Management System, powered by Vietsoft, empowers you to scrutinize the entire lifecycle of individual assets. This not only enhances value assessment for procurement and succession but also optimizes daily functions. Real-time alerts enable proactive control, applicable to a single asset and exponentially powerful across the entire supply chain. 
  2. Augmented Sustainability Efforts:  Vietsoft Smart Assets Management System facilitate easy identification of wastefulness and energy usage. This enables seamless adjustments aligning with environmental goals, resource-sparing practices, and long-term sustainability. 
  3. Regulatory Compliance Gains: The traditionally labor-intensive task of statutory compliance is streamlined with our software. Smart Assets Management System stores information securely on a cloud-based platform, ensuring remote accessibility and ease of interpretation for compliance reporting. The data collected around assets can also serve as evidence of your business’s best practices. 
  4. Fine-Tuned Maintenance Schedules: Eliminate trial and error associated with maintenance schedules. Our software collects and reports on various aspects, from hours in operation to emissions and energy consumption. Early fault detection avoids reactive maintenance, reducing operational downtime and allowing for more accurate scheduling to maximize outputs. 
  5. Enhanced Asset Lifecycles, Procurement, and Succession Planning: Monitoring assets extends their lifespans. By analyzing long-term data, you can make informed decisions regarding ROI, influencing procurement and succession planning for optimal outcomes. 
  6. Improved Customer Experience: Faults lead to delays and resource-intensive operations. Observing customer interactions with assets provides insights for refining the consumer journey over time, leading to improved profits, reputation, and scalability. 
  7. Cost Saving and Productivity: By averting issues and streamlining asset lifecycles, our solution brings cost savings and increased productivity, translating to enhanced profits and resources available for achieving business goals. 
  8. Less Trial and Error Around Strategic Planning: The outdated wait-and-see approach is replaced by data-driven strategies. Our software defines asset management and business strategies, along with ROI, far faster than traditional methodologies, providing real cost transparency. 
  9. Improved Safety, Security, Tracking, and Recoverability: Invaluable insights around asset safety for both operators and consumers are provided. Real-time tracking aids in thwarting criminal activity, improving the chances of asset recoverability. 

Vietsoft’s Smart Asset Management System is a versatile tool designed to meet the complexities of the manufacturing industry, promoting efficiency, sustainability, and growth..system