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SAP Business One for Garment


1.General Description

Most businessmen in the world know slogan: “BEST-RUN BUSINESSES RUN SAP” and desire to have SAP runs in their office.

For SME, SAP offer SAP Business One.

SAP Business One allows us to make business decisions much more efficiently and lets us drive the company toward the goals we want to reach.

Unfortunately SAP Business One in single can not apply for Garment Industry because of its specific structure of products and materials (many colors many sizes).

But now, special software with Sale, Merchandizing, Outsourcing, Packing, and Inventory, developed by Vietsoft has solved this problem. You can handle item with many color and many sizes with this software. This software is integrated to SAP Business One, which controls financial transactions of the company.

This combination not only makes the system powerful thanks SAP functionalities, clear in data flow and simple in operation but also reduces the system cost, since of Vietsoft license is lower than SAP license.


 2. Solution Application

The system is ERP perfect choice for any Garment Factories.


3. Benefits

SAP Business One for Garment helps:

a. Linking Data And Information Between Departments: ensuring information is shared quickly and accurately, thereby helping to enhance understanding and comprehensive management in the enterprise.

b. Optimizing Operation Costs: managing materials, production schedules, order management, and goods delivery is easier than ever. The system supports inventory management and resource tracking, thereby helping textile enterprises to optimize the use of materials and save costs.

c. Effective Financial Management: The solution provides financial management and accounting tools specific to the textile industry, helping businesses control their financial situation accurately and effectively.

d. Increase Management Capacity: Helping the Board of Directors to catch timely order progress, revenue, costs, … through devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops.

4. Outstanding characteristics

SAP Business One for Garment provides an integrated system for real-time inventory monitoring across different business levels. It offers tailored solutions for the Garment Industry, enabling streamlined order configuration, timely deliveries, enhancing productivity, improving shop floor visibility, and finally, improving company competitiveness by increasing customer satisfaction.


With SAP Business One for garment, your companies will gain instant access to real-time company information, facilitating cost reduction, market expansion, and faster data processing through efficient data transfers. The solution effectively manages inventory levels, warehouse transfers, and transactions, including sales and purchasing. It supports material requirement planning and automates production plans based on machine capacity.


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You can find software functions in details in our brochure

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MotorWatch - he thong giam sat nang luong


Efficient energy management is a fundamental factor that aids businesses in minimizing energy consumption and enhancing the operational efficiency of machinery and equipment.

Effectively monitoring energy consumption also serves as a critical element for accurately identifying potential issues, managing peak loads, forecasting overloads, detecting energy leaks, and addressing anomalies that may arise during production operations.


Please read information of our software in bellow.


1. System Information

The system uses IoT technology to collect real-time motor power data and then provide analysis to improve machine efficiency and reduce motor energy consumption. This solution aims to help businesses approach Green Production and Net-ZERO emission. 


2. System Benefit


  • Energy and cost savings: The system helps identify inefficient equipments or processes to optimize operations and energy consumption, minimize waste and reduce operating cost.
  • Improve operational efficiency: By monitoring the equipment in real time, the system can detect problems, breakdowns or potential problems before they have serious consequences, thereby improving performance and reliability of the equipments.
  • Easy maintenance and forecasting: The system allows monitoring and analysis of a motor’s operating condition, helping to predict maintenance time, replace parts or perform maintenance tasks in a timely manner. This helps avoid unexpected breakdowns and optimizes maintenance planning.
  • Reduce risk of accidents: The system can detect dangerous situations, such as an electric overload or overvoltage. This helps reduce the risk of accidents and protects the safety of employees and business assets.
  • Optimizing production processes: By monitoring motor energy consumption and performance, the system can provide data and information needed to improve production processes, increase productivity and product quality.
  • Remote management and online monitoring: The system allows remote management and online monitoring, helping users control engine operation anytime, anywhere. The online warning system of emergency situations helps users to promptly handle any situation in order to avoid incidents.

3. Outstanding characteristics

 Provide information about engine operation

  • Total power consumption of the motor.
  • Number of hours of running with load, number of hours of running without load.
  • Average power of the engine (Total power consumption/hours of operation).
  • Effective power of the motor (Total power consumption/hours of running the machine under load).
  • Operating capacity of the engine (Total power consumption during running time with load / number of hours running the machine with load). If this number is higher than the norm, it is an indication that the machine has an abnormality (lack of lubricating oil, damaged motor or working parts ..).
  • Amperage: Rated; actual average; maximum; minimum (calculated for the time the machine is running under load). This data helps to detect machine abnormalities (lack of grease, motor or working parts damage ..).
  • Non-average, maximum and minimum Power Factor value.
  • Average harmonic value.
  • Number of incidents such as phase loss; Overload; line deviation; high voltage, low voltage, voltage deviation.
  • Power consumption and electricity costs during peak hours, normal hours and off-peak hours.
  • Motor operation and power consumption report.
  • Equipment failure prediction report (Forecast of failure based on amperage trend).

Online problem alert via mobile application

  • Loss of power supply phase.
  • Power supply voltage drop.
  • Power supply voltage difference.
  • Current difference between phases.
  • Motor overload.
  • Damage to peripheral equipment (broken coupling, broken belt, broken load chain, broken shaft).

Provide machine OEE data:

  • Planned working hours, total running hours; hours of running with load, hours of idling
  • OEE indecies: Norm; actual and actual % against norm.
  • Equipment OEE report by period.
  • Monthly OEE report.

Detect motor failure

  • In the case of motors with amperage or capacity during operation with higher than rated loads, a motor fault detection service can be provided upon request to help detect the 3 most common motor faults: Ball bearing error, Stator error; Rotor error.

4. Our Service

  • Provide Hardware
  • Provide Instructions for installing hardware into electrical cabinets.
  • Set up data into the system and provide service accounts.
  • Provide monitoring service for engine operation and energy consumption
  • Support users throughout the service life.
  •  Provide engine fault detection service (on request).



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You can find software functions in details in our brochure

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CMMS EcoMaint 


Vietsoft EcoMaint  is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software and it is an indispensable tool for manufacturing companies, enabling efficient equipment utilization, increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), reduced unplanned breakdowns, decreased downtime due to equipment breakdown, reduced production costs, and increased profitability.


1. General Description

Vietsoft Ecomaint is designed for industrial manufacturing companies with complex and expensive machinery that require preventive maintenance method application or application of advanced maintenance management systems such as TPM.


In addition to supporting periodic maintenance and condition monitoring, essential tools of preventive maintenance, software allows equipment management in details with a hierarchical tree structure and allows to tracks the replacement history of each spare part at each positions.


By tightly integrating equipment, spare parts, and inventory data, Vietsoft Ecomaint provides customers with a comprehensive and complete computerized maintenance management system.


The Vietsoft Ecomaint system consists of two components: a desktop application for administrative purposes and a mobile software for machine operators and maintenance personnel, allowing access anytime, anywhere.

Companies need to tightly control Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) also can utilize Vietsoft’s ANDON system, which can be integrated with Vietsoft Ecomaint. This is a small-scale Manufacturing Execution System (MES), that enables real-time monitoring of production progress and OEE (see more details in the ANDON section).


2. Solution Application

Solution can be applied for Manufacturing Companies having expensive and complex production equipment.


3. Outstanding Characteristics

a. Detailed and tight equipment management

The software allows detailed equipment management, for each spare part in each component, by equipment hierarchy. This feature is crucial for complex and expensive equipment.

For example, in addition to the general maintenance history of the equipment, you can view the replacement history of each spare part, know its lifespan, trace the origin of the spare parts, such as from where it was purchased and who replaced them. Simple CMMS software typically does not provide such detailed information.


b. Multichannel communication

The software enables emergency communication (for unplanned breakdowns and incident solution) through various communication channels such as phone calls, text messages, Zalo, Telegram, etc.


c. OEE tracking function

The software has the functionality to calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by inputting production plans, production norm, and actual production progress data into the software.

Companies requiring real-time OEE information and real-time production progress can utilize ANDON system, that is integrated with Vietsoft Ecomaint.


d. Integration with other hardware

The software can integrate with other automatic data collection devices such as energy monitoring devices, equipment condition monitoring devices, etc.


e. Adaptable to other requirements on Equipment and Maintenance Management

Additionally, Vietsoft can develop other functions related to equipment and maintenance management according to specific customer requirements.  Please read more information in Brochure.


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You can find software functions in details in our brochure


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ANDON SmartTrack

Smart Track is not only an ANDON system, that signals incidents that cause equipment downtime to responsible staff, but also is a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) that collects production progress data and down time causes of equipment. System provides you with real time OEE and real time production progress.  


 Please read information of our software in bellow.

1. General Description

By getting the running or stopping status of machine by signals from PLC or from a sensor installed on the machine, and then sending it to a dedicated programmed HMI, the SmartTrack system can activate an automatic alarming device at the shop floor and transmitting alarming signal to responsible staff through various communication channels (such as phone, text message, Zalo, Telegram, etc.).


Simultaneously, the system counts the quantity of produced goods and compares them with the production plan to make report on the progress and prevent overproduction. It then compares the actual output data with the standard output to determine the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) index.


The production progress data and OEE are provided through a real-time web page.


The system collects and analyzes machine downtime as well as allows for declaring the reasons for machine stops, which are used for comprehensive reports to improve OEE in the future.


2. Solution Application

The system can be applied for most industrial companies, that strive OEE enhancement and need to track production progress.


3. Outstanding characteristics

  • Reduce equipment Downtime
  • Reduce production costs & reduce production cycle time
  • Improve visibility and transparency
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Improve in-time delivery
  • Provide unbiased production and machine data
  • Save operator’s time

Detailed functions of the software is enclosed in the brochure

4. Download brochure

You can find software functions in details in our brochure

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Vietsoft HRMS 


You are looking for a Human Resource Management System that is stable, reliable, and easy to use with short implementation time?


Please read information of our software in bellow.


1. General Description

Vietsoft Human Resource Management System software has 3 major modules:

  • Human Resource Information
  • Marking Attendance
  • Payroll, combined with Dashboard to provide you complete view and information about HR situation in your company. 


2. Solution Application

The software is the best fit for Garment Companies

  • Human Resource Information
  • If you have large number of employees with complicated working regime and payroll, especially piece rate salary, the software will be the best selection for you. Our software is running in dozen of Garment and Footwear companies having thousands of employees.
  • Software does well in companies with multi-shift and multi-crew working regime.

3. Outstanding characteristics

a.    Best fit for Garment Industry

You are Garment factories and looking for HR solution, fit to your need?


HRM software is considered to be a widely applicable software that can be used across various industries, but in reality, the Human Resource Management needs of companies in different industries can be quite different.


Choosing software specifically designed for a narrow industry is a way to reduce customization costs and deployment time.


That’s why you’d better to choose Vietsoft’s HRM software if you are a garment company.


Vietsoft’s software is designed to be flexible, where you only need to declare the work regime and salary calculation method, and the software can quickly adapt to your requirements.


Furthermore, we are still open to making specialized adjustments based on the specific requests of each customer.


b. Piece rate payroll

 Many garment companies has piece rate payrol or piece rate bonus. Being specifically designed for the garment industry, Vietsoft HRM software has optimized functions for inputting Operation Breakdown and Individual output to cut down time, required for inputting data.


Furthermore, we have developed features to export individual output data to Excel, allowing users to correct data , then import it back to database. These functions create the most convenience software users.


c.    Easy to use

The database is logically designed in a reasonable and manner, enabling users to quickly understand the data rows and easily grasp and remember the software functions.

Due to the large number of employees in garment factories, batch and automated data processing functions also significantly reduce the data processing time for the HR staff.



d. Best after sale service

Vietsoft emphasize importance of warranty and maintenance services that help customers operate the software safely and reliably over the long term.


Any government regulation changes will be updated to the software as part of our warranty and maintenance service.


Additionally, we have embedded online customer support tools into our product. Users can request assistance directly within the software interface.



4. Download brochure

You can find software functions in details in our brochure

English Version                        Vietnamese Version