ERP helps increase profit for Textile and Apparel industry

The associate professor and coordinator of the fashion design area at Washington University’s Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts in St. Louis explains that about 15% of fabric and trim destined for tailoring ends up as leftover in the producing process. That leads to a truth:


A major part of Textile and Apparel Manufacturing industry’s PROFIT is in fabric and trim leftover, not realized in CASH. 

ERP helps increase profit for Textile and Apparel industry


If this is true for your company, this is why this happens:

  • Material planning and purchasing is very complicated with many colors, sizes, and their combinations. It is very easy to make mistake, even for experienced merchandizers.
  • Merchandisers are usually overworked due to increasing of small orders; their material planning is very time-consuming.
  • Inventory data may not be available or not precise enough for merchandizers to make the right decision when placing material orders. To avoid shortage (which can cause more serious consequences), they tend to order extra.
  • It is not easy to hire experienced and conscientious merchandisers.

There are many ERP software’s on the market, but few have MATRIX BOM (items with colors and sizes), that perfectly fits Garment business like Vietsoft ERP for Garment software.



  • Running on powerful MS SQL Server integrated database that includes all activities: creating sale documents, fabric and trim requirement planning, placing material orders, controlling outsourcing orders,  material balancing with many purposes, goods receiving, goods issuing and inventory monitoring….
  • Automating 75% of merchandiser’s tasks, preventing their errors.
  • Enabling double check, cross check and anywhere-anytime approval system.
  • Visualizing your business with dashboards and reports.


  • Significantly reducing fabric and trim leftover, helping you to realize your profit in cash.
  • Easing merchandising tasks, reducing manpower and user errors.
  • Enhancing productivity in shop floor by avoiding material shortage.
  • Speeding up business process, increasing turnover.

Our solution – ERP for Garment software helps reduce operating cost for Textile and Apparel Manufacturing industry because it integrates processes of the business across departments onto a single information system. The problem of low inventory or reduced operating cost is ruled out. Whenever resource is needed it is available on time because everything has already been planned. The day to day management becomes easy because it keeps a track of the warehouse also. Everything going into the data warehouse is recorded thus planning for a specific day can be easily done. Due to the fact that every activity is recorded the actual cost can be calculated easily. The unwanted ambiguity is ruled out which makes the database user friendly.