Vietsoft ERP for textiles and apparels industry


Vietsoft ERP for textiles and apparels industry

Vietnam’s textile and garment industry, after more than 20 years of continuous development with an average growth rate of 15%/year, has now risen to become the leading economic sector in the country, with an annual export turnover of over 40 billion USD (accounting for 10%-15% of Vietnam’s annual GDP). Vietnam is currently one of the top 5 textile and garment exporters in the world with a market share of 4%-5%. It is forecasted that in 2022, Vietnam’s textile and garment industry can bring in a turnover of 42-43 billion USD.


However, the textiles and apparels industry is often very complex and difficult to control. This involves complex and lengthy processes such as purchasing, manufacturing, product distribution, inventory management, and sales. At the same time, textile enterprises must ensure quality control – right from raw materials to finished products. Therefore, textile and garment enterprises urgently need an effective management solution to help businesses run leaner and optimize profits from production and business activities.



Vietsoft ERP for textiles and apparels Software is a solution to help digitize all business data into a single database. Thereby helping to close the entire production and business process of the enterprise. Allows different departments to communicate easily and work with the same unified data source.



ERP for textiles and apparels Software helps businesses to closely manage important areas of textile production such as purchasing, sales, inventory, human resources, production, quality control… all these functions. All data will be linked together to form a complete, seamless data management system for businesses.


Vietsoft ERP for textiles and apparels software is a cloud-based ERP solution with low rental cost from only $59/month and short deployment time within 5 days. The software helps textile enterprises to manage operations in real time with full ability to query information quickly, make orders and production schedules accurately, and make accurate management predictions.



• Sales Management module

• Purchasing Management module with MRP (Material requirements planning)

• Production Management module

• Human Resource Management module

• Timekeeping & salary calculation module

• Outsourcing Management module

• Raw Material Warehouse Management module

• Finished Product Warehouse Management module

• Document Management module



The application of Vietsoft ERP for textiles and apparels software will help textile enterprises achieve the following values:

• Cut production and business costs: By improving the operating processes of the business and reducing the burden of manual administrative work, Vietsoft ERP for textiles and apparels will help businesses cut costs. operations related to administration and management. At the same time, the software also helps to effectively control the use of human and other resources to promote business development efficiently and quickly.

• Increase customer satisfaction: Managing production and business by ERP for textiles and apparels will help businesses ensure the quality of goods and significantly reduce delivery time. Thereby improving service quality and bringing satisfaction to the business’s customers.

• Better inventory management: ERP for textiles and apparels supports automatic management of all inventory-related tasks, from ordering raw materials, importing materials, importing products, exporting goods, inventory control… With real-time inventory reports allowing businesses to always know the actual inventory situation. At the same time, the software also has the ability to link purchase and price data to create purchase orders for materials quickly and conveniently.

• Quality management: ERP software for textile helps businesses optimize the entire production process to ensure that the finished products always meet the quality requirements of customers.


If you want to learn more about Vietsoft ERP for textiles and apparels software and how this solution can help your maximize your profits, please give us a call today or send us a demo request and consultation via email. :


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