Why a CMMS Software is Essential for Preventive Maintenance Digitization

Managing a building, a factory or any other type of facility is a complex process that influences the entire business. If the maintenance management is not equipped with the right tools and preventive strategies, there will be an increase in expenses. This process can be simplified by adopting a digital tool that computerizes and centralizes all the relevant information about the company’s equipment and operations.


Why a CMMS Software is Essential for Preventive Maintenance Digitization



“Traditional” preventive maintenance is based on manual information gathering, which results in paper reports. This type of procedure has certain limitations because, on the one hand, it does not allow for a rapid and exhaustive collection of useful information. On the other hand, it does not facilitate the tracing of history or observation over a long period of time. There is a lack of hindsight.

The digital transformation of preventive maintenance favours the implementation of good monitoring practices and improves equipment’s reliability. Connecting production assets allows first of all to measure the real wear and tear of the equipment. Secondly, access to historical production data helps to detect early warning signs of malfunctions leading to serious breakdowns. A connected maintenance model thus makes it possible to adjust the periodicity of interventions for the maintenance team with regard to the initial recommendations of the equipment manufacturer and to optimise the associated costs.



With each passing year, we see that the digital transformation in the maintenance department of companies is a constant trend and the lack of control in operations performed on equipment and facilities translates into significant losses for institutions.


It is in this context that the importance of maintenance management software (CMMS) stands out, such as Vietsoft EcoMaint, a platform that makes management smarter, faster, and more efficient. The implementation of this software has been growing in small, medium, and large companies, as an essential tool to manage and control maintenance assets more efficiently. This platform centralizes and makes available all information in real-time and, in addition, provides a considerable increase in the equipment’s life cycle – by creating preventive maintenance plans with recurring alerts – which translates into a significant reduction of maintenance-related costs.


With the support of CMMS software, professionals in this area can consult a calendar with the dates of operations and associated costs, as well as access detailed information about all assets and stocks of spare parts in the warehouse, thus providing a clear and global view of everything associated with the company’s maintenance processes. The CMMS software emerges with the goal of increasing the efficiency of this entire cycle, in order to become the greatest ally of managers and maintenance technicians. While at the same time, it ensures that all operations are carried out in accordance with international maintenance standards and strictly followed by the technical teams.



  • Work scheduling
  • Increase safety
  • Enhance productivity
  • Manage work orders efficiently
  • Eliminate paperwork


A CMMS system software has considerable benefits that its implementation enables reduced downtimes in critical industries. It establishes preventive maintenance as the key to equipment reliability and longevity. The embedded safety procedures in the CMMS not only benefit industries, but workers as wel