Smart Track is not only an ANDON system, that signals incidents that cause equipment downtime to responsible staff, but also is a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) that collects production progress data and down time causes of equipment. System provides you with real time OEE and real time production progress.


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1.   MES SmartTrack Introduction

By getting the running or stopping status of machine by signals from PLC or from a sensor installed on the machine, and then sending it to a dedicated programmed HMI, the MES SmartTrack System Software can activate an automatic alarming device at the shop floor and transmitting alarming signal to responsible staff through various communication channels (such as phone, text message, Zalo, Telegram, etc.).


Simultaneously, the system counts the quantity of produced goods and compares them with the production plan to make report on the progress and prevent overproduction. It then compares the actual output data with the standard output to determine the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) index.


The production progress data and OEE are provided through a real-time web page.


The system collects and analyzes machine downtime as well as allows for declaring the reasons for machine stops, which are used for comprehensive reports to improve OEE in the future.


2.  MES SmartTrack features:

MES SmatTrack System transforms manufacturing with real-time insights:

  • Resource Allocation: Optimize machine, material, and labor usage instantly.
  • Detailed Scheduling: Prioritize and sequence tasks for streamlined operations.
  • Data Collection: Track real-time process, material, and operation data.
  • Labor Management: Streamline worker schedules and qualifications.
  • Quality Control: Track and document quality deviations and exceptions.
  • Maintenance Planning: Proactively identify and address potential asset issues.
  • Product Tracking: Monitor product progress for informed decisions.
  • Performance Analysis: Compare results and goals for data-driven efficiency improvements.

3. MES SmartTrack System benefits:

  • Increased uptime: An MES generates realistic production schedules by balancing personnel, material, and equipment resources. It integrates scheduling and maintenance to maximize product flow and asset utilization – increasing uptime and improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
  • Reduced inventory: A manufacturing execution system updates inventory records with new production, scrap, and non-conforming material so that your purchasing, shipping, and scheduling departments know exactly what material is on hand at all times. This reduces just-in-case inventory and work-in-progress (WIP) inventory – saving money on manufacturing, transportation, storage, and inventory monitoring.
  • Paperless shop floor: Eliminating paperwork means there is less chance
  • for human error. It also means that the data recorded from the shop floor is immediately available to decision-makers across all integrated systems, to inform real-time decision-making.
  • Improved product tracking and genealogy: An MES follows the entire production cycle from beginning to end, grouping final parts or batches with the corresponding manufacturing data. This data allows for improved regulatory compliance for manufacturers that must conform to government or industry regulations

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