Why Choose Our Solutions:

  • Energy consumption represents the largest cost throughout a machine’s lifecycle. Minimize these costs with energy-based maintenance solutions.
  • HVACs, pumps, fans, and high-power motors consume significant energy. By reducing this consumption, you achieve substantial savings. Electrical energy usage rises due to clogged filters, pipes, high machine vibration, or unforeseen incidents, necessitating real-time machine status control.
  • These are critical equipment; breakdowns lead to substantial losses. Monitor them with our Green Predictive Maintenance tools for peace of mind. Our system promptly reports any potential issues to you.
  • Vibration and temperature sensors are not stable, difficult to install and have short lifespan. Energy-based predictive maintenance will resolve this problem.

Why Choose Us:

  • Our system is ready for plug-and-play installation within 3 days of purchase.
  • We provide warranty and maintenance services.
  • You have the option to rent the system instead of making a purchase.
  • Our solutions are affordable: you keep 75% of the savings while paying only 25% for our system.

Key Product Features:

  • Monitors machine status and alerts users when maintenance is needed.
  • Provides detailed operational data for machines.
  • Offers insights into energy consumption, identifying potential areas for savings.


Please download the brochure for more detailed information.