Vietsoft EcoMaint (CMMS)

Vietsoft EcoMaint is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software and it is an indispensable tool for manufacturing companies, enabling efficient equipment utilization, increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), reduced unplanned breakdowns, decreased downtime due to equipment breakdown, reduced production costs, and increased profitability.

Vietsoft EcoMaint is designed for industrial manufacturing companies with complex and expensive machinery that require preventive maintenance method application or application of advanced maintenance management systems such as TPM.


In addition to supporting periodic maintenance and condition monitoring, essential tools of preventive maintenance, software allows equipment management in details with a hierarchical tree structure and allows to tracks the replacement history of each spare part at each positions.


By tightly integrating equipment, spare parts, and inventory data, Vietsoft Ecomaint provides customers with a comprehensive and complete computerized maintenance management system.


The Vietsoft Ecomaint system consists of two components: a desktop application for administrative purposes and a mobile software for machine operators and maintenance personnel, allowing access anytime, anywhere.

Companies need to tightly control Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) also can utilize Vietsoft’s ANDON system, which can be integrated with Vietsoft Ecomaint. This is a small-scale Manufacturing Execution System (MES), that enables real-time monitoring of production progress and OEE (see more details in the ANDON section).


Solution can be applied for Manufacturing Companies having expensive and complex production equipment.


Major modules – functions are:

  • Maintenance Scheduler Module
  • Work Orders Management
  • Automatic Work Orders Email
  • Equipment and Machinery Management
  • Spare parts & Inentory Management
  • Preventative / maintenance Management
  • Reporting and Working Time Accounting

a. Detailed and tight equipment management

The software allows detailed equipment management, for each spare part in each component, by equipment hierarchy. This feature is crucial for complex and expensive equipment.

For example, in addition to the general maintenance history of the equipment, you can view the replacement history of each spare part, know its lifespan, trace the origin of the spare parts, such as from where it was purchased and who replaced them. Simple CMMS software typically does not provide such detailed information.


b. Multichannel communication

The software enables emergency communication (for unplanned breakdowns and incident solution) through various communication channels such as phone calls, text messages, Zalo, Telegram, etc.


c. OEE tracking function

The software has the functionality to calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by inputting production plans, production norm, and actual production progress data into the software.

Companies requiring real-time OEE information and real-time production progress can utilize ANDON system, that is integrated with Vietsoft Ecomaint.


d. Integration with other hardware

The software can integrate with other automatic data collection devices such as energy monitoring devices, equipment condition monitoring devices, etc.


e. Adaptable to other requirements on Equipment and Maintenance Management

Additionally, Vietsoft can develop other functions related to equipment and maintenance management according to specific customer requirements.  Please read more information in Brochure.

You can find software functions in details in our brochure