Why You Need Our Solutions:

  • Complex Equipment Management: If you have a large amount of equipment Excel can’t effectively manage.
  • Effective Preventive Maintenance: To implement preventive maintenance strategies and reduce unplanned downtime.
  • Inventory Control: To efficiently manage inventory and lower inventory costs.
  • Cost Control: To effectively manage and control maintenance costs.

Why Choose Us:

  • Proven Success: We guarantee system performance with no failed projects.
  • Expert Consultation: Access high-caliber consultants for system optimization.
  • Scalability for Large Enterprises: Trusted by over 40 of Vietnam’s largest companies and FID, with over a decade of proven usage.
  • Affordability: Competitive pricing ensures rapid ROI, with a payback period typically within half a year.

Major modules and features

CMMS Ecomaint_compressed

 Outstanding Features:

  • Equipment Complexity: Capable of managing complex and very complex equipment with a tree-view hierarchy.
  • Suitable for Multi-Branch Companies: Ideal for organizations with multiple branches.
  • Comprehensive History Tracking: Detailed view of failure history and spare part replacement.
  • Failure Analysis: Includes functionality for failure analysis.
  • Summary Dashboard: Provides a comprehensive summary dashboard for easy monitoring.
  • Cloud Installation and Mobile/Web Access: Supports cloud-based installation and accessibility via web and mobile technologies.
giao dien CMMS EcoMaint 2024

Please download the brochure and case study for more information.