SAP Business One

Most businessmen in the world know slogan: “BEST-RUN BUSINESSES RUN SAP” and desire to have SAP runs in their office.

For SME, SAP offer SAP Business One.

SAP Business One allows us to make business decisions much more efficiently and lets us drive the company toward the goals we want to reach.

Unfortunately SAP Business One in single can not apply for Garment Industry because of its specific structure of products and materials (many colors many sizes).

But now, special software with Sale, Merchandizing, Outsourcing, Packing, and Inventory, developed by Vietsoft has solved this problem. You can handle item with many color and many sizes with this software. This software is integrated to SAP Business One, which controls financial transactions of the company.

This combination not only makes the system powerful thanks SAP functionalities, clear in data flow and simple in operation but also reduces the system cost, since of Vietsoft license is lower than SAP license. 

The system is ERP perfect choice for any Garment Factories. 

SAP Business One for Garment helps:

a. Linking Data And Information Between Departments: ensuring information is shared quickly and accurately, thereby helping to enhance understanding and comprehensive management in the enterprise.

b. Optimizing Operation Costs: managing materials, production schedules, order management, and goods delivery is easier than ever. The system supports inventory management and resource tracking, thereby helping textile enterprises to optimize the use of materials and save costs.

c. Effective Financial Management: The solution provides financial management and accounting tools specific to the textile industry, helping businesses control their financial situation accurately and effectively.

d. Increase Management Capacity: Helping the Board of Directors to catch timely order progress, revenue, costs, … through devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops.

SAP Business One for Garment provides an integrated system for real-time inventory monitoring across different business levels. It offers tailored solutions for the Garment Industry, enabling streamlined order configuration, timely deliveries, enhancing productivity, improving shop floor visibility, and finally, improving company competitiveness by increasing customer satisfaction.

With SAP Business One for garment, your companies will gain instant access to real-time company information, facilitating cost reduction, market expansion, and faster data processing through efficient data transfers. The solution effectively manages inventory levels, warehouse transfers, and transactions, including sales and purchasing. It supports material requirement planning and automates production plans based on machine capacity.

You can find software functions in details in our brochure