HRMS for Garment

You are looking for a Human Resource Management System that is stable, reliable, and easy to use with short implementation time?



Please read information of our software in bellow.

Vietsoft Human Resource Management System software has 3 major modules:

·        Human Resource Information

·        Marking Attendance

·   Payroll, combined with Dashboard to provide you complete view and information about HR situation in your company. 



·        Human Resource Information

·      If you have large number of employees with complicated working regime and payroll, especially piece rate salary, the software will be the best selection for you. Our software is running in dozen of Garment and Footwear companies having thousands of employees.

·     Software does well in companies with multi-shift and multi-crew working regime.

a. Short implementation time and high stability

You don’t want to buy software with quarters of implementation, right?

Vietsoft HRM software is ready-made software. Thanks outstanding design, software can adapt to your marking attendance and payroll regulation by setting up (inputting parameters), but not by modification (changing the code). It is why our software will run within a month of implementation (after you have clear regulation). It is also the reason for high stability of our software.


b. Best after sale service

You want to have very quick and conscientious after sale support?

After sale service is warranty for your system. You may need support from provider because of new users, new Governmental regulation, your new working regime and salary regulation, problem with hardware and network.

We are the first software company embedded support tool into the software. You can send support request to us directly from the software interface. The request right way will be sent to person in charge in our company. You also can rate the service, like Grab service .

Video e-learning also is available within the software to help your new users.


c. Easy to use

Data and interfaces are logically organized, easy to understood and remembered.

Software has import and export functions from Excel to shorten imputing data time.

Dashboard is provided to control Human Resource overall situation.

To make reports to Governmental bodies: You just click print and submit.


d. Piece rate payroll

If you have piece rate payroll, definitely, our software is a candidate for your selection.

Detailed functions of the software is enclosed in the brochure



You can find software functions in details in our brochure