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Why choose Vietsoft


With multiple years of experience and our honesty and devotion to customers, Vietsoft is one of the most reputable management software providers in Vietnam. We are a proud ERP provider with many successful implementations.

  • Superb capability to design and develop software.
  • Many established products in the market.
  • Low implementation cost and time.
  • Fixed budget. All expenses are listed in Sales Quotation. Unless
  •  project scope is changed
  • Experience in management consulting.
  • Connection to Universities in Ho Chi Minh city and many consultants
  • Great service, 100% customer satisfaction

What do we do to prevent implementation failure?

  • Thoroughly analyze our customers’ requirements. Reveal to customer real situation.
  • Refuse project if product is incompatible.
  • If product is compatible, carefully examine business structure and operational processes of our customers, and provide consultancy if necessary.
  • Help customers overcome obstacles during implementation with determination and caution.
  • Follow SAP standard of implementation process

What do customers need to do to prevent implementation failure?

  • Have a clear business process and management structure
  • Have detailed and specific requirement
  • Choose the right product and supplier.

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