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As a company with many years of experience in business management solution, Vietsoft understands that an effective business solution and smooth implementation is necessary but not enough to guarantee the success for our customers.

Besides, profession training and operating skills are the keys to long-term success of an implementation project, and also an important step in helping our customers to fully apply technology to business.

Hence, Training is always one of our top priorities, as we continuously invest and improve ourselves to deliver to our customers the necessary basic knowledge of the implemented system, e.g. regarding operations and system resources. From there, customers can independently and effectively manage their system, ensuring that it will keep generating benefits for the business.

Vietsoft is currently organizing 2 training courses for 2 of our flagship products:

  • SAP Business One business management software
  • Vietsoft Ecomaint maintenance system software


Khóa học Khai giảng Lịch học
SAP Business One 15/08/2015   08:00-16:30 Thứ Bảy hàng tuần
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Whatever you have, are or have never used any solution provided by Vietsoft services Our training is always ready to listen and respond to the demands advanced technological knowledge on your part.

Please contact us for advice and the selection of courses suit your needs:


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