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Policy and commitments


Customers: At Vietsoft, we consider our customers’ success our own. Hence, we commit:

  • Honesty: ERP is a complex intellectual product. Customers always have it worse in information regarding the implementation. As a result, customers are at a disadvantage in many lawsuits in the world of ERP. Honesty is critical for the provider.
  • Devotion and patience: ERP implementation is a long and difficult endeavor for both sides. Without devotion and patience on the provider side, it is hard to see a project to the end.
  • Sympathetic: We understand our customers’ difficulties, and we are prepared to share them and help customers in successfully implement ERP.

Employees: We consider our employees a precious resource. Vietsoft encourages and supports our employees to learn more skills to contribute more to the company and society. Our employees value teamwork and cooperation, emphasizing support and unity in our members, in order to create a Vietsoft that not only excel in profession skills, but also love and support each other in both inside the office and outside in life.

Society: We encourage our employees to participate in social events to help build a better society.

Government: We vow to conform to any business rules, regulations and laws made by the Government.


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