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Crystal Reports for SAP Business One

Crystal Reports 2008 for SAP Business One is now fully available to the tens of thousands of companies running SAP Business One worldwide. With built in business intelligence for SAP Business One, small and midsized companies can now get a true 360 degree view of their business with easy to use tools and pre-built reports. Orchestra has been bringing our readers the frontline news on Crystal Reports for SAP Business One, so we thought it fitting to put together this resource.

Crystal Reports for SAP Business One: Overview

Crystal Reports is a "business intelligence" tool. This is a hot new buzzword, but it's meaningful. The old days of "reporting" are over, and we're entering a new model where companies need up-to-date information and they need to massage it to look for opportunities in the business.  A static report showing previous days sales is great, but a real time widget on your company dashboard showing up-to-the-hour sales volume is better. SAP is making this possible with Crystal Reports for SAP Business One and the other BusinessObjects product Suite.

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With built-in intelligence tools from SAP, small and midsize companies can create, manage, and deliver packaged reports, dashboards, ad-hoc reporting, and what-if analysis to any user at any location. Whether you need to automatically email users a packet of pre-built reports everyday, or build a company dashboard that pulls in financial, inventory and sales data into one screen, SAP Business One provides the resources to do it with Crystal Reports.

Crystal Reports for SAP Business One: Features

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  • With Crystal Reports, small businesses and midsized companies can:
  • Leverage professional reporting priced for small and midsize companies
  •  Crystal is built right into SAP Business One
  •  Real time on-report data manipulation
  •  Drill down into source documents inside SAP Business One
  •  Create company dashboards
  • Save valuable report design time with templates and pre-built report

 Crystal Reports for SAP Business One 8.8

 small and midsized companies to date. Below is a video of Crystal Reports built right into SAP Business One 8.8.If you want to see more or watch the full video in HD, click here to view it directly on YouTube.

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